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Bromhead, SK

Bromhead was established in 1913 and was once the thriving hub of the area. By the time the rail line was completed it was one of the biggest towns along that line. In its heyday it had many services including a three-storey hotel, a dance hall, a blacksmith, a department store, a tailor shop, a cafe, a pool hall and even a photo gallery. Some even began to build residences right in town.

Unfortunately it did suffer some devastation during its life. In 1916 a huge fire swept across the village and destroyed many of the shops and services available. Because most of the places were not insured, few were able to afford to rebuild. Shortly thereafter another fire swept through town leaving even fewer services available. As nearby towns began to grow, many of the Bromhead shop owners moved their business to the growing towns, as did the local doctor and the bank. Then Canadian Pacific Railway built another rail line which directed even more people away from Bromhead. This had huge effects on Bromhead as a town by the 1930's and Bromhead never really was able to recover.

Bromhead today has a post office and a grain elevator.